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Blogs/People to Follow (Part 1)

Margaret Price’s blog is always worth a read, for her latest presentations and published work on mental health, bodymind, teaching, and the academic environment.

CUNY’s own Andrew Lucchesi has maintained an excellent blog regarding his academic process sorting through studying and teaching with dis/abilities firmly in mind.

Accessible Classrooms is a resource-hub for accessibility tutorials for ensuring that the online resources (such as PDFs, images, and videos) we offer our students are physically accessible for more students.

The Ohio State University’s Composing Access site offers a great deal of advice regarding ensuring that your conference presentations (and by extension, your lectures) are more accessible, as well as general accessibility resources.

Disability Rhetoric is a blog that grew out of the Disability Studies Special Interest Group at CCCCs (the Conference on College Composition) in 2009, and houses a great deal of classroom-ready teaching resources, including syllabi.



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