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Reflective Post 3/30

I plan to implement my UDL activity in my ENG101 class. Currently, my timetable is as follows:

This semester: reformulate my low-stakes activity

Fall I: reintroduce my low-stakes activity in September/October; use this assignment as a scaffold for the high-stakes assignment that, will naturally, build on it. At present, I am working on the same research question; however, this spring and summer I will do more research to asses whether or not best practices in composition pedagogy have been updated and or revised, in order to continually address UDL inclusive teaching practices.

My colleagues on the DfA team are already providing invaluable support and creative inspiration. In truth, I couldn’t ask for a more generous and dedicated group of colleagues to work with. All we need to do is continue encouraging and motivating each other. The end result will be establishing more transformative pedagogical practices at LAGCC, which will continually raise our students’ levels of academic engagement.


  1. LaRose,

    Looks cool — I’m excited to hear how the reformulation goes, and to get more details about how it impacts the classroom! I’m also wondering how you would define “best practices” after reflecting on last term’s “low stakes” discoveries.

    Intrigued to see where all this ends up!


  2. LaRose,
    Your blog provided me with the encouragement I needed! For me, making the shift in my assignment with another course, in a different program is a bit overwhelming. Reading how encouragement, support and motivation can help us all with the work we do inspired me to push forward. I look forward to seeing how your activity develops and how those transformative pedagogical practices will look like as it serves as support for the staff and faculty at LaGCC.

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