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Welcome to DfA

The Designing for All Project at CUNY LaGuardia Community College is an initiative that will help provide increased access to education throughout our school in a time when our students are increasingly targeted for discrimination. This alienation — and our efforts to create inclusivity in the face of exclusionary oppression — occurs across the range of racial, dis/ability, gender, class, religious, and linguistic experiences.

We will be working throughout Fall 2017-Spring 2018 to expand the way that we think about teaching and learning at LaGuardia — and across CUNY — so that all students can have access to effective, empowering learning. This means finding out what resources and curricular changes students need to learn well and figuring out how these needs can be both met and exceeded.

We are a partnership of LaGuardia students, faculty, administrators, peer mentors, and IT staff with a plethora of learning experiences, learning styles, and learning needs, but we are united in our endeavor to create equitable, power-aware access to education throughout LaGuardia and CUNY more broadly.

Over the next two terms, we will be working across disciplines to generate “universally”-designed classroom practices so that all LaGuardia students — inclusive of dis/ability status, language experience, and learning styles — will be able to more effectively access and control their own education.

This site will serve as a sandbox for much of the learning that we will be doing together in the next few months and beyond.

From General Must Reads about the racialization of educational access and dis/ability in higher education to an ever-growing compilation of Classroom Ready Resources, this site will provide a public space for reflection, resource-collection, and learning together.