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Low Stakes Assignment


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  1. LaRose,

    I thought I posted my comment in the morning today but it seems that it disappeared into the black hole of the cyber space, so here I go again.

    I really like that you included the definition of low-stake assignment, as a kind of reassurance and explanation for students, what is the purpose of the assignment, and how it will help them in their preparation for the exam and learning in general. You are letting them know of your support, and providing them with tools to be efficient in their preparation and successful in taking this exam.

    I think your assignment, and especially the introductory part of it, speaks to Jenn’s post about what constitutes low stake assignment, and potentially some low-stake assignments producing anxiety in students.

    Personally, I would like to learn more about your class and this particular exam (I never took an English class in the US college, so forgive my ignorant and naïve questions). Are the students expected to quote and cite the authors as they write exam in class? Is this an open-book exam? Are they supposed to come prepared with notes? I am trying to understand how it works. Will they be expected to provide some reflections on themes and interpret the quotes? I would probably skip the subtitle “Definition” or named it “Goal of this exercise” instead.

    I guess I am trying to understand the context of the exam, how the students will actually use the material they prepare for this assignment. I think not knowing that might provoke some anxiety, but maybe they are familiar with all this. Or perhaps one example that would model what they are expected to do and how it might be used in the exam might be useful too. (Just out of curiosity I would be interested what the “collaborative learning exercise” you mention in the assignment was.)

    You made me think of a new way of supporting students learning, and how to motivate them to practice the specific skill.
    Thank you!

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